Gen-Art S.r.l. - Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

Always been the main objective of the Gen-Art is the full satisfaction of the Client, in Respect Of which we do not feel just a supplier but real "Partner".

The continuous search for innovative products and the constant improvement of the services Offered through the use of integrated logistics systems to after-sale, are the commitment by the Company to meet every need with quality and specialization.

The Gen-Art Quality is guaranteed by strict procedural process and a certified Quality Management System Kiwa Cermet UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The Certificate Management System Allows us to:

  • Manage and monitor business activities based on procedures established businesses and shared.
  • Monitor Customer satisfaction.
  • Optimize products and services Offered in connection with changes in the market.
  • ENSURE our employees with specialized technical training through a process of continuous training in synergy with the Company assets
  • Securing of products and business activities

Gen-Art S.r.l. - Quality and Safety

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