Gen-Art S.r.l. - Service


We have an attitude towards trade at its maximum versatility , both in commercial and logistic terms. Any commercial policy is designed ad hoc according to the characteristics and the specific needs of the customer, with innovative and rapid solutions.

Today GEN-ART:

  • Provides the purchaser prices (Sell In) best on the market to give more margin to the dealer.
  • Provides an increase in margins for the dealership by specific programs and products of high profitability.
  • Thanks to a widespread sales network we are able to support each product and service quality and quickly.
  • This is the ideal partner for trade can help to develop and better every trade policy and the delicate logistics management.
  • Spend the maximum to the services offered, from the collection of the order through to after-sales with ongoing support and specialized.
  • Provides the possibility of assistance from a marketing department of the highest quality.
  • Guarantees a constant dialogue and a strong connection with the senior management despite the wide extent of it.
  • The internal storage of all references ensures maximum operability in a very short time thanks to the close inspection of each logistics operation.